Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Other markets

A couple weeks ago I was in Philadelphia at the Italian Market and Reading Terminal Market. A few months back, RTM began having open hours on Sundays.

While I have uploaded photos for the Italian Market (click here) I haven't done that for the RTM yet, except for a couple, such as this one.
Men's restroom, Reading Terminal Market
Markets need comfort stations! (I took this photo to make a point, not because I am a voyeur.)

I love the prices at the Italian Market...
Vegetables at the Italian Market


Good story about the LA Farmers Market

Is, "Cornering the market," from the LA Times. The webstory has photos too. (Access to the article might require registration.)

This market is:

-- open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday - Saturday
-- has good restaurants
-- including one open 24 hours!

Talk about building "top of mind" awareness.


Market tour 4/21

We will be conducting a tour of the Florida Market on Saturday 4/21 as part of Cultural Tourism DC's Walking Town program.

Maybe as a dry run, we'll schedule one for 4/14 too. (Both Elise and I are very busy though.)


Small Area Planning Process for the Florida Market area

I don't know the status exactly, but last night we learned that the DC Office of Planning has contracted with CORE to conduct a small area planning process for the Florida Market area. Such an action was required as part of the execrable law passed last December about this area.

The law set a time period ending somewhere in September I think, requiring that all the stakeholders come back with a mutually acceptable plan to go forward.

(As well as 50% of the property owners to agree.)

-- The Florida Market bill before City Council