Friday, May 04, 2007

Florida Avenue Market Study First Presentation

Public meeting notice, Florida Market
Meeting notices posted in the DC Farmers Market building at the Florida Market.

From Elizabeth Nelson of ANC6A:

A presentation on the Florida Avenue Market Study is now available on the ANC6A homepage. It is a large file and may take a while to open.
I talked to someone the other day about the meetings. He told me that at both sessions, about 2 people spoke in favor of the New Towns proposal.

He said one of the problems is that people in Ward 5 feel that the area is supposed to contribute to the rest of their Ward, yet the closest residential section to the Florida Market is in Ward 6, and that many people from Ward 6 attended the meetings. It creates a sticky political situation though. Councilmembers tend to be territorial.

I also noticed in the Market that there is some advocacy going on...
Petition at Litteri's

The petition included a copy of the New Towns proposal.
The petition at Litteri's includes a copy of the New Town proposal
It could be argued that the language of the New Town proposal misrepresents the planning process that is underway.



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