Thursday, May 28, 2009

Florida Market proof of concept wayfinding signage

Explore Florida Market directory and history signage, side 1
The links of the signs that Christopher and I have created have been down for awhile. They've been restored:

- Florida Market Map & Directory
- Florida Market History Sign

We are still doing some tweaks and changes, but the changes to come aren't too significant from what's in the current version. But if you have any comments they'd be appreciated.

One of the reasons that DC has been reticent about creating directory signs of this type is that they have to be updated frequently, and this is costly.

While I haven't priced it out yet, it turns out Takoma Park's directory signage is done in vinyl appliques and is meant to be updated and replaced. I expect this is less expensive than the DC signs (about $6,000 including the base).
Takoma Park street sign, business directory
Speaking of wayfinding, Christopher writes:

That book on Wayfinding just gets better and better. I just love the way it combines our thinking I also like that it confirms many of the steps that we've done. I think our own project is especially interesting as we've done a prototype and testing phase -- something that seems to be completely missing from all wayfinding projects.

He's referring to this book, Wayfinding Handbook by David Gibson, which masterfully covers the topic.
The Wayfinding Handbook by David Gibson



Blogger Ryan W. said...

much appreciated, tho it's not possible to read the map when I print it at best quality on my deskjet. the key with the business names is possible to read but not easy. I will take a pen and mark up the map itself with the letter number combos. maybe if you make the title smaller at the top there will be room to make things more legible. thx

6/14/2009 9:28 AM  

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