Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cooking the Florida Market: Rice Noodle Rolls Edition

Yesterday I recreated a truly great version of some shrimp rice noodle rolls that I had at dim sum seven years. While that in itself was exciting enough for me, the cool thing is that I did it entirely with ingredients that you can buy at the Florida Market. Actually, I was inspired jointly by a recent dim sum craving, and a trip to the Market that unexpectedly included a stop by the storefront (by which I mean that there literally is no store, just a front) where they make and sell fresh rice noodles by the sheet. 70 cents a sheet, which weighs slightly under a pound. I went with a friend and we each bought two sheets. Steam them, fry them, cut them up into any shape you like.  You get the picture. And seriously...70 cents. Other stuff I put in my shrimp rice roll:
1. shrimp;
2. scallions;
3. ginger;
4. flat leaf parsley;
5. soy sauce;
6. oyster sauce;
7. sweet chili sauce (I was hungry, and thus too lazy to make sweet soy sauce).

Not the most authentic version, but tasty none the less. I also noticed that MS3000 (which is owned by the same parent company as H Mart) sells packs of spring roll/egg roll wraps (300 block of Morse). I'm thinking you could also use them for wontons, or perhaps even some lovely kim chee dumplings. Hmm...


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